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       A female tenant is actually threatened with eviction if she refuses to have sex with the apartment manager. A senior citizen fears she’ll lose her home because of an agency’s failure to manage her disabled son’s money. Domestic violence victims are seeking to escape years of abuse. A mother overcomes a life of drugs for the love of her child. A man faces eviction because of an unscrupulous landlord and a bottle of Wite-out.


       These are the true stories of people caught in unenviable situations, often through no fault of their own. Their circumstances prompted them to pursue legal assistance, but they couldn’t afford the legal fees of most attorneys. Fortunately, they had access to help through a nonprofit legal service organization.


       Eavesdropping on Bar Talk reveals how legal service attorneys helped their clients overcome tough legal problems, as told by the attorneys involved in the individual cases. In addition to sharing their clients’ stories, the attorneys share a few stories of their own—including a story about making a court appearance wearing nothing but a towel!



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