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          “Many readers will enjoy reading a book written by a group of attorneys who are fighting to defend the rights of the ‘little guy.’  This book will go a long way in promoting a positive image of lawyers.” 

          “Readers of this book will find these stories engaging and informative.”

          “The stories are written in a friendly, engaging style that reflects its title.  The reader does feel as if she is sitting at a bar, although in this case she is overhearing a group of attorneys swap stories.”  

          “The collection of stories represents a cross section of the kinds of cases that the attorneys see every day.  Readers are likely to find them highly interesting.”                                                                            

Editorial Review




Besides the conclusions to the three true stories,

you’ll also read about:

·  A senior who feared losing her home because of an agency’s failure to manage her disabled son’s money.

· A mother who overcame a life of drugs for the love of her child.

· A man who worked all his life only to be laid off and end up in a mess with welfare.

· A 30 year gentleman’s agreement that came to an unfortunate end.

· A disabled man who needed an attorney but couldn’t hire one because he had been legally declared mentally incapacitated and had no legal guardian. 

· An attorney who was threatened just for representing his client. 

· An appearance in court wearing nothing but a towel. 

· And more!


Eavesdropping On Bar Talk gives you the opportunity to listen in on (read about) how legal service attorneys helped these clients deal with these problems as told from the particular attorney’s perspective with a story or two about what happened to some of the attorneys along the way.

           While they had different legal issues, they all had a common problem—they couldn’t afford the fees to hire an attorney.  Fortunately, they were eligible for and had access to legal assistance from a nonprofit legal service organization in their individual communities. 



Recipient of the Editor’s Choice Award from

iUniverse Publishing, Bloomington, IN

















Eavesdropping On Bar Talk


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