Where donations go: 

      Funds we directly raised will be distributed to nonprofit 501(c)(3) legal service organizations throughout the United States.  A list of some of the nonprofit 501(c)(3) legal service organizations that receive federal funding by state can be viewed at www.lsc.gov.  There are other nonprofit 501(c)(3) legal service organizations as well, which do not receive federal funding. 

       “Our Book Project” sales and book distributions will be tracked so that we will be able to distribute “Book Project” royalties from each individual state back to that state’s legal service organizations in order to benefit that state’s most disadvantaged residents.















Working to ensure that the most disadvantaged residents of our communities will have access to the “tools”

needed to balance

the scales of



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No individual contributor will directly benefit from the publication of their true case story in any collection of stories published as part of the “Book Project.” All royalties and copyrights belong solely and exclusively to Tools For Justice, Inc., which will distribute them to nonprofit 501(c)(3) legal service organizations. 
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Funds raised through our receipt of book royalties may be distributed to county, state and nationally based non-profit tax–exempt legal service organizations, some of which may be located in your state. A portion of any direct donations we receive will also be used for our costs, including advertising to spread the word about why this work is so important and why it needs to be available in all  our communities.
Text Box: Tools For Justice, Inc.
 ~a nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation~


Promote equal access to justice in civil courts ~ support your

nonprofit legal

service organizations.

     Royalties from “Our Book Project” sales of hardcover and paperback editions that will be sold through bookstores located throughout the United States, which we receive from your state will be distributed back to your state’s local legal service organizations in order to benefit your state’s and your communities’ most disadvantaged residents.  E-book royalties will help us spread the word on the importance of this work and why we need it in communities throughout the United States and will help support legal service organizations nationally as well.